Data-Pro is here to help with all of your computer needs. If you don't see a service below that applies to you, just give us a call! For non-specified jobs we charge $70/hr for labor, plus a $30 trip charge for on-site non-specified jobs.

Computer Installation/Setup

In-home installation of computer equipment and peripherals.

On-Site installation or setup of 1 computer, 1 printer, 1-2 monitors, internet connection, 1-3 existing email accounts, update Windows & Antivirus.

Price: $99
Estimated Time: 1-2 Hours

Business Installation/Setup

Data Pro can set up your business's computers and peripherals to help you use your equipment to maximize productivity.

On-Site installation or setup of 1 computer, 1 printer, 1-2 monitors, internet connection, 1-3 existing email accounts, update Windows & Antivirus, add network printers, map network drives, join domain.

Price: $149
Estimated Time: 1-3 Hours

Virus Removal

Today's leading anti-virus software developers strive to stay one step ahead of the constantly changing viruses and malware. Sometimes one gets through - Data Pro can help you out.

Scan and remove malware, update OS and potentially vulnerable software to prevent reoccurring infections. Norton Security can be purchased at time of labor for $50 (up to 5 devices for 1 year) or $100 (up to 10 devices for 1 year).

Price: $50-$150 (depending on severity of virus and repair of damages)
Estimated Time: 1-5 Hours (does NOT include Norton Security)

System Cleanup

Computer slowing down? Programs crashing at inopportune times? You might need a system cleanup. Data Pro will go through Windows and your hard drive to tune up your system.

Perform cleanup of Windows and hard drive. More info to be added.

Residential: $60 up to 2 hours onsite
Business: $80 up to 2 hours onsite
System Cleanup Remote: Residential $60 / Business $80-$120

Remote Technical Support

Thanks to modern technology, some issues can be answered over the phone, but for those issues that need more attention we offer remote technical support by connecting directly to your system from any distance.

Some questions can be answered quickly over the phone or a remote session into your PC.

Price: Phone: $20 for 15 Min Remote Session: $80/hr (no phone costs will apply)
Estimated Time: Depends on situation.

Hardware Upgrades

Who doesn't want that shiny new video card or more RAM? Data Pro offers a multitude of hardware upgrades and options.

Memory Install

Installation of memory on existing machine.


On-Site Memory Install

On-site memory installation is included if we are already working on your machine for over 1 hour.

No Charge

Hard Drive Installation

Installation of hard drive with image of old drive.


Hard Drive Installation with OS

Hard drive installation with Windows OS.


Windows OS Installation

Installation of Windows OS.


Power Supply Replacement

Replacement of power supply. Includes testing of old power supply unit.


Power Supply Replacement (On-site)

Power supply replacement if on site for over 1 hour for other work. Includes testing of old power supply unit.


Price: See above
Estimated Time: N/A